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At Novelty Clinics, we are dedicated to empowering women to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives by offering a wide range of cutting-edge healthcare and aesthetic services. Our passion for excellence in healthcare is matched only by our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our patients.

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Your one-stop destination for holistic well-being, expert care, and transformative solutions. Your journey to health and beauty begins here.

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Experience transformative change. From initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up, we guide you through a journey of health and beauty, revealing your best self.

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Dr.SmitaDasGhoseis a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been practising for the past 18 years in various states of India. She holds a Masters degree in OBG on National Scholarship from India’s prestigious Autonomous college of North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong. To add to her feather, she is a trained Laparoscopic surgeon and holds a fellowship in Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine (FAAM).

Dr. Smita Das Ghose

Consultant: MBBS, MS, FMAS, DMAS, FAAM (USA).
Consultant Obstetrician, Cosmetic, Gynecologist, Gynae Endoscopist & Aesthetic Physician.

Dr. Swati Das

Consultant: BDS, MDS, FOI(U.S.A), FAAM(U.S.A) Periodontist, Oral Implantologist, General & Cosmetic Dentist, Laser Specialist and Aesthetic Physician.
Dr.SwatiDas,a Consultant Periodontist and Laser specialist with a decade and more(15 years) of experience, holds a Masters degree in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry and a Fellowship in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine(FAAM) as well as in Oral Implantology, making her a multi-faceted healthcare professional. She excels in patient care, research, and community education.
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frequently asked questions

Why we made Novelty Clinics?
In creating Novelty Clinics, our vision was to transform lives, nurture well-being, and lead with excellence in healthcare. We invite you to be a part of this journey, where health, beauty, and confidence come together to inspire a more vibrant you. Novelty Clinics is the realization of our commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals, and we continue to strive toward this vision every day.
What makes us Unique?
Novelty Clinics isn't just a healthcare facility; it's an experience designed to inspire confidence, empower women, and lead with excellence in healthcare. We invite you to experience the Novelty Clinics difference and embark on a journey to health and beauty that is truly unique and transformative
How are we making our vision a reality?
At Novelty Clinics, we are actively pursuing our vision through these strategies (Comprehensive Services, Women-Centric Focus, Personalized Treatment Plans, Expert Team, Innovation and Technology, Confidence and Empowerment, Streamlined Accessibility, Proven Track Record, Continuous Improvement, Nurturing Inner Confidence) and unwavering dedication to the well-being and empowerment of our patients. We invite you to join us in this journey to health, beauty, and confidence, as we work each day to make our vision a reality for all.
What is our Vision?
Our vision at Novelty Clinics is to be a guiding light in the pursuit of health and beauty, transforming lives and nurturing well-being. We aspire to create a world where every individual, especially millennials, can chase their dreams with confidence, knowing that their health and beauty are in expert hands.We envision a future where health is not just the absence of illness but a state of holistic well-being. A future where beauty is not just skin deep, but a reflection of inner confidence. Our vision is to simplify healthcare and empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.At Novelty Clinics, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized care is unwavering. We aim to inspire every patient to become a more vibrant version of themselves, embracing life with assurance, vitality, and a sense of well-being. Our vision is the compass that guides us in every service we provide and in every interaction we have with our patients.
What is our mission?
Our mission is to inspire confidence, vitality, and a life well-lived. We invite individuals of all generations to join us in the pursuit of health and beauty, knowing that their well-being is in expert hands. Novelty Clinics is not just a healthcare facility; it's an experience designed to empower and transform.
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